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Saint John Bosco Easy Feast Day Button!

Ahhh! The day is already hereā€”in fact it’s almost already gone! What do we do?

Check your bookshelves, browse the web. And if you have kids, here’s your easy button in a way they will love!

Turin, where Saint Bosco is from, is said to be the place where chocolate was first served in a solid form. So grab some chocolates and eat them as is, or melt them into hot chocolate, because they also serve amazing hot chocolate there! Anything with truffles, wine and pasta all pass as further easy buttons for a late dinner.

There are so many stories and quote from this amazing saint. But we will save that for a post when we aren’t last minute and trying to make sure we get an introduction in St. Bosco, pray for us!

Featured image: Pixabay. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.