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Saint Lucy’s Easy Button Celebration Ideas

December 13th is the day that we remember Saint Lucy, or Lucia. Smack in the middle of the busiest time of the year, and also the darkest. So how do we celebrate Saint of Light in a restful, lovely way that would honor her well?

If you live in Europe, the week of Saint Lucia’s feast day it’s extremely easy to find saffron pastries the week she is celebrated. So hit up a local bakery, and enjoy the flaky, warm, soft goodness. If not, and you have the energy, here’s a great recipe!

If you don’t have the time or energy, cinnamon rolls are easy to form into the right shape, or just be excited about cinnamon rolls in their usual shape. Stick some candles in them if you really want to get in the spirit.

Next, pick one of the girls in the family to play Saint Lucy. If not, mama gets the honors. If you have the items needed, a white dress (or long shirt) with a red belt/sash around the middle, and a crown of evergreen with white candles is the ticket. If you are like me and it’s the morning of, you grab any shirt/dress/robe that is white, add a red scarf, and grab the gold advent wreath and replace the purple and rose candles for all white. Hot cocoa and coffee and serve the family by the light of the candles.

It wouldn’t be right not to play music. Forgot to teach the children the traditional Swiss song? Don’t you hate it when that happens? Not a problem, youtube has your back!

Crave something that is hauntingly beautiful but also translates the words:

All the Saint Lucy Books displayed in easy reach today! If your kids already have several they know, amazing! Have them pull them out from the book shelf. If not, here are several of our favorites:

If you have nothing else but a birthday candle in a piece of cinnamon toast, and read a book or click on the next youtube video that teaches about Saint Lucy, I bet she will smile down on us as we request her prayers on our behalf just as much as all the fanfare. Be the light of Christ to your family, friends, neighbors and everyone who comes across your path today. Saint Lucy, pray for us.

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