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Streamer Ninja Calls Out Twitch for Shameful Practices and Streaming Pornography

Popular gamer Tyler “@Ninja” Blevins recently announced he was leaving Twitch, a live streaming platform for gamers and other content creators. Although the decision required much consideration, Blevins reports that switching his channel from Twitch to Mixer was “smooth, and professional.”

Ninja avoided negative comments about his previous platform. Despite this, it came to his attention that the now offline channel has been used to promote other brands. Of the 15 million accounts on Twitch, Ninja’s ex-channel is the only that is being used, while offline, to promote other streamers.

“They don’t do this for anyone else that’s offline, by the way. Just me. And there are also other streamers who have signed with other platforms whose stream and channel still remain the same. You can see their [videos on demand], they don’t promote other streams . . . but they do on mine.”

The unfair practice highlighted by Blevins perpetuated when the Twitch channel allowed an account streaming pornography to air.

Ninja issued an immediate public apology and explained his reasons for leaving Twitch fully in the following video on Twitter.

“I’ve been streaming for eight years to build my brand and build that channel, fourteen-and-a-half million followers, and they were still using my channel to promote other streamers. Well now, that was number one being recommended on my channel and I have no say in any of this stuff.”

Twitch attracts gamers of all ages, teenagers, most specifically were the target group for @Ninja’s channel.

“For anyone who saw that or for anyone’s kids, or for anyone who just did not want to see that I apologize and I’m sorry,” says Ninja.

The unacceptable and appalling event has received no comment from Twitch, a platform known for its silence amid controversy.

Blevins, who specializes in “battle royale” style games and comes from a Roman Catholic-raised family. His older brother, Jonathan Blevins is a Catholic Director of Evangelization and also offers a Twitch channel, “Bearded Blevins” and streams regularly.