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The CUTEST Advent Calendar of the Year!

Advent is officially here and December 1 is quickly approaching to begin the Advent calendars of various chocolate qualities, or lego, or figures, or bottles… There is nothing wrong with any of those options, however may I suggest the cutest little lamb on his journey to the manger?

The quality of this calendar with vibrant colors is what we have come to expect from Magnificat~Ignatius, and the writing in the short reflections are lovely and thought provoking. It’s sure to delight the whole family as you follow the story as well as a little lamb figure that comes with the set.

One of my favorite things is to pass some of the traditions to my kids to be in charge of. This year my seven year old set up the advent calendar and discovered the lamb to be built himself. He is so excited to take turns reading the reflections.

Along with the reflections and the scene of Bethlehem full of travelers and shepherds, are windows that will slowly lead you towards the manger as you move the lamb figure closer and closer to the manger scene. It is so sweet, and the windows don’t always match exactly what the book will have pictured (although they tie together) so those who peek at reflections ahead will still find themselves with surprises along the journey.

Get yours now to get it before the 1st, or catch up a few days when you are behind. This can be as low key and sweet or on top of your game as your 2021 allows for. I highly suggest ordering yours now to enjoy it every day. You can order yours by clicking here!