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The Perfect Bible for Your Comic-Loving Kids!

Magnificat and Ignatius came together to give us a beautifully illustrated and written comic-style bible! Bringing forth the stories of the Old and New Testament, in The Illustrated Bible for Children by Ignatius Press, you will find your kids connecting to the Bible in wonderful new ways as they discover and rediscover stories in a way that will capture their attention and their imaginations.

If you are like me, the first thing you do with any children’s Bible is check the stories covered in the index- and I was thrilled with the broad range of stories covered.

Recommended for ages seven and up, my younger kids have also loved browsing the pages and looking at the pictures. It’s been a gift to watch my older kids read the stories for the pages they really enjoy to their younger siblings and pass on the Faith not just one generation to another but to each other!

My older boys find the story of Samuel so funny, that Eli kept getting woken, up and finally told him to go to bed to talk to God. Their questions and awe of God’s call on young Samuel’s life have been wonderful to watch form.

The birth, life, mission, teaching, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are masterfully told and illustrated. While I personally am not drawn to comics as my sons are, I appreciate how this form of media is reaching them personally! The early church and books of the Bible in the new testament that are often left without much of a representation in children’s bibles are found here in a powerful way.

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