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These Catholic Children’s Books are Too Good to Pass Up!

Christopher the Holy Giant

This retelling of Saint Christopher who searched for the most powerful being is a true gem. First he found a king, but he found the king feared someone more powerful… the devil… and so he sought him out next.

When he found the devil, he was again disappointed to find that he feared someone even more powerful as well! Eventually he comes to a hermit who lives near a waterway and promises to teach him all about the Christ who even the devil feared, and how to serve him.

Eventually he ends up serving Christ in the form of a small boy who became heavier and heavier through his journey to get him to the other side of the river.

A beautiful story that teaches the power of Christ, the faithfulness and steadfast will of Saint Christopher to find and know one to serve worthy of his whole life, and the beauty in the personal touch of Christ is stunning. Even my little kids have asked if we can leave this one out to look at the pages and retell the story to each other over and over. Get your copy of this gorgeous retelling of the story by clicking here.

The Life of Jesus, Seek & Find

Each seek puzzle depicts a moment in the life of Jesus. Birth, Baptism, Wedding at Cana, Teaching, Entrance in Jerusalem, Death and Resurrection.

Each puzzle has a few main characters to try and find and be entertained by as you move through the book. My 4 and 6 year old laugh and have so much fun finding the goat and kittens especially.

This book has brought hours of entertainment and many revisits. They pass on the stories they know and make up stories for the characters on the page. Listening to the 4 year old teach her baby brothers the stories of Jesus makes this book one of my favorites that will grace our shelves for years to come. Click this link to get your copy today.

How to Handle My Emotions

We all need a little help from time to time navigating big feelings. We are given such incomplete strategies from “Buck up!” to “it’s okay to be sad” that it’s especially hard for children to navigate in our current culture. Neither are wrong, but both are incomplete.

Joining Charlotte as she navigates several very sad moments in her own life and in the lives of those around us, we will learn that it is okay to feel sadness. It is okay to chose to do something about it. Best yet, it helps us develop character of service, gratitude, maturity, and thoughtfulness.

From a teaching standpoint, I LOVE to see all the notes, colors, highlights, different fonts and doodles. This really pulls even kids who struggle to read into the book as it is interesting and doesn’t intimidate. It’s also building their skills to read various fonts and learn how to organize thoughts and note taking.

I love that this book not only provides the teaching story, but gives kids actions to think about, talk through, write down or actively do. The Pathway through Emotions is a tool many therapists use, especially in working with children to help them move through their emotions instead of getting stuck in them. It helps them know where they are and think about where they want to be. It’s such a helpful tool.

Click here to add this book (and others like it!) to your own library!

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