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Three New Children’s Books from Magnificat and Ignatius Press

Catholic parents, listen up! You’ve got to check out the new books from Magnificat:

Where is Jesus? My First Words in Search of God
Thank You, Lord. My First Words in Praise of God
You Are Loved

For toddlers and ages three and up, I was blown away at the depth in these books and the foundation it will lay in my children in their faith, but also in what kinds of questions they can/should be asking and able to answer when faced with them.

Two of the three make perfect gift this Christmas/Advent season, as they feature pages with Christmas scenes detailing Christ’s special presence and our gratitude.

Perfect for taking to Mass, “My First Words” books with windows to open to find hidden pictures of animals, plants, candy, angels, and more, are already an instant hit! Both are beautifully illustrated and the windows are just hidden enough that our three year old had to really take his time to find each window.

Where is Jesus? My First Words in Search of God.

“I can’t see Jesus. So where is he?” Join these two friends on their journey as they discover Jesus in a manger at Christmas, in heaven (not outer space), at the Mass, in mommy and daddy (making their love grow every day!), and in their hearts. This book was a joy to watch my seven year old read to his sister as these are questions he has, but in a book his sister will sit and be interested in.

Thank You, Lord. My First Words in Praise of God.

While exploring the world around, this delightful book will teach your little one to see God and praise him in the world around them. In the birds and bugs, rain puddles and gardens, chocolate and ice cream. Daddy’s strong arms and mommy’s cuddles was probably my favorite page. Ending on a bedtime scene, this is the perfect book at bedtime to begin introducing a habit of thanksgiving every night before bed.

You Are Loved

“Little one, we eagerly awaited you as you grew in mommy’s tummy. Even before we knew what you looked like, we already loved you very, very much!” This book instills a sense of self value, of goodness, of how a family cares for one another, and helps children identify to Jesus as a child.

Through milestones and growth spurts, sometimes our little ones who are full of energy and mischief, just need that added dose of encouragement that they are well loved by their family and by Jesus. This is exactly the book I will reach for on those trying days when we both need to reset and snuggle in with a comforting book.

There’s even a Christmas page in this picture book, also making it a great Christmas and Advent gift!

You will love these books almost as much as your children, or grandchildren, or godchildren will! Grab them while they are in stock for the kids in your life right away!