Every Time the Pittsburgh Pirates' Trevor Williams Pitches, He Prays "Jesus, I Trust in You" – EpicPew

Every Time the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Trevor Williams Pitches, He Prays “Jesus, I Trust in You”

Trevor Williams is Catholic, a Knight of Columbus, and a professional baseball pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates.

When he was in college, Trevor found himself asking if the Catholic faith was true. If Catholicism was what it claimed to be, he wanted to know how that would shape him moving forward in a professional baseball career.

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“My Catholic faith is more than just going to Mass on Sundays,” Trevor explains. Prayer plays an important role in his daily life. Before he pitches a game, Trevor prays “Jesus, I trust in you.” He also has a Saint Benedict’s crucifix in his locker.

Check out this amazing video from the Knights of Columbus! It highlights how Catholicism is part of this inspirational baseball pitcher’s daily life.