This Website Just Made Sharing Your Faith Ridiculously Easy


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Which one these categories do you think you fit into?


Brandon Vogt just made sharing your faith pretty simple, and it starts with ClaritasU.

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It’s a new community of Catholic learning that will enable you to talk more effectively and confidently about your faith.

The key? Brandon says it’s clarity and we have to agree. When you know your faith, trust your faith, love you faith, you’re going be better at sharing your faith.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

1. Take a course. Numerous topics, simple videos, easy learning.

2. Live Q&A. Yup, ask your questions, live. Boom.

3. Watch expert interviews. 

4. Win, quick. With “Quick Wins”, quick videos designed to give you the answer you need, quickly. Did we say quick?

5. Join the Community. Yeah, other people. They like you. They want to meet you. So you get to like and meet them, too.

Experts are backing Vogt’s new program:

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Okay, go to or click the image below, and get started on sharing your faith.

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