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What Every Catholic Thinks on the Feast of St. Blaise

Every year on February 3rd, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Blaise. Blaise was a doctor and the Bishop of Sebastea. He became known as a healer and the first recorded actions of St. Blaise involved his assisting patients with objects stuck in their throats. Every year on his feast day a special throat blessing is offered during Mass.

Here are some thoughts every Catholic has had while waiting and walking up the aisle to receive the throat blessing…

Hmm, I think my throat actually hurts a little…

Maybe it is the power of suggestion or maybe it is Divine Providence, but somehow St. Blaise’s feast day ALWAYS coincides with when you start to feel that little tickle in your throat.

Yay! I love free stuff at Mass!

Whether its palms, ashes, or throat blessings with cool candles, Catholics love the “extras” and will make the extra effort to go to a daily Mass to get them!

Wait, do I bow? Kneel? Say Amen? Is this an extra “and with your spirit” moment?

There comes a moment while walking up the aisle for the blessing that panic sets in. Just what do you do when you get up there?

Those are really big candles…I wonder if they can actually burn them?

Try not to be too obvious as you look for actual wicks.

Does my breath smell!?

Going to Communion is one thing, it’s fast and there isn’t time to breathe on the Eucharistic Minister, but this blessing? It takes a while. There is definitely time to have things get awkward if you indulged in a giant breakfast burrito with extra salsa (before the one hour fast of course!).

This is taking forever!

At some point the excitement of getting an extra blessing wears off and you realize that it actually takes a bit of time to bless the throats of everyone in attendance. You may wonder if you’re going to be late.

I did it!

You just can’t help feeling that mix of accomplishment, relief, and peace as you head back to your pew.

I love being Catholic

After all, what isn’t to love about about the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church that uses tangible expressions of God’s love and care for us and makes available to us so many opportunities for grace and so many heavenly intercessors? St. Blaise, pray for us!