When I Harvested Baby Body Parts

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  • AugustaMia

    Thank you for your commentary. May God continue to grace you with courage to speak out.

    There’s an excellent commentary about how sin blinds, binds, then grinds the sinner ( Praise God for His divine mercy and amazing grace, that though once blind, you now see. God bless you as you lead others to the light.

    • SMH-DraggingMyHeels

      Thanks for sharing this commentary and I love what you wrote. God bless, Augusta!

  • Ioannes

    God Bless You its like St Paul Who saw the light after al That killing

  • Brenda Walker

    I would appreciate it a great deal if when you are talking about “the unborn” if you would humanize them a little bit more. Like “unborn child”, or “Unborn person”. The hardest thing for me is the dehumanizing of the children.

    • I don’t think we need ‘unborn’ it implies that it’s not currently alive, its not an unchild or an unperson, it’s called a baby and it’s called a life.