Witnessing for the Pope’s Visit and a Giveaway

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  • Lisa D.

    Love the Papal Flag bumper stickers. Great idea!

  • Cindy

    These are wonderful!

  • EricBoutin


    • Thank you. Please like the Facebook page and tell others about the bumper sticker campaign, so we can maximize our contribution to those two great charities.

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  • Katarina Chechet

    Simple and classy! Love it!

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  • FreemenRtrue

    I’m sorry this pope is a goof ball.

  • Tony Phillips

    I had a similar, though probably better, idea.
    I’ve got a line of bumper stickers that say, “My other car is a popemobile.”

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  • Kurt 20008

    It is a great bumper sticker. I still think given the history of discrimination and warfare against people because of their religion (to which at some point in history and at some place, every faith community has been a victim) and as well as true unjust acts against gay people in civil society (or proposals for unjust discrimination) I would take all three for my car.