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World Continues to Mourn Sri Lanka, Investigators Hunt Down Bombers

Sri Lanka — April 21, 2019, an unknown number of suicide bombers successfully detonated in six churches and hotels and in a coordinated and highly coordinated attack. Here is everything we know at this time based on what officials have released and what eye witnesses have told us in interviews.

Statue of Jesus splattered with the blood of those martyred at St. Sebastian’s in Sri Lanka.

The bombs

There were six bombs and three more discovered and detonated safely. Currently there are over sixty arrests linked to the ongoing investigation in this matter.

ISIS has claimed responsibility. However, there is not proof enough at this time for officials to confirm this claim. We do have video of at least one of the bombers walking into a church with explosives in his backpack, patting the head of a young girl as he walked in.

Confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church.

The casualties

The death toll has risen to over 350, with over 500 additional injuries linked to the bombings. Included in the death toll were many children who had just received their first communion, mothers, women, and children.

The Prime Minister has stated that there are more suicide bombers on the run, and they do not know how many there are and wants the people to be aware of the potential for ongoing attacks.

CNN reporter Will Ripley interviewed Father Jude Fernando of St. Anthony’s Shrine, who said, “Please be calm and quiet and pray, because our God is not a god of revenge, he’s a god of love, he’s a god of peace . . . let’s follow our master and spread the good news.”