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3 Reasons You Should Listen to the Catholic Podcast

Recently launched by Chloe Langr and Joe Heschmeyer, The Catholic Podcast is a new source of Catholic listening in what I think is really becoming a golden age of podcasts.

Fans of Catching Foxes, Homilies from Fr. Mike Schmitz, The Catholic Hipster Podcast, and Catholic Stuff You Should Know will be right at home with The Catholic Podcast.


Here are three reasons you should download their first four episodes and give it a listen:


1. You’ll learn something 

Chloe and Joe are tackling topics that none of us realized we wanted to know about, like why Catholics are leaving the Church and how Mary can lead us to Jesus. These are straightforward, very obviously Catholic topics that are being spoken about with depth, insight, and a wealth of research and resources.

I found myself not only nodding along while listening to Episode 1: The State of Things, which addresses why people seem to be leaving the Church in droves, but also jotting down interesting points and new ways to think about what was being presented. Chloe and Joe have also provided links to the resources they reference, which is great for continued learning well past the end of the episode.


2) It’s an easy listen

I will turn a podcast off if the quality is bad. It could be the most fascinating topic in the world, but if the microphone is scratchy and the people are hard to hear, I’ll delete it from my phone and forego spending my time consuming the content. And, if the podcasters ramble, stutter, or jump around too much, I’ll delete it even quicker.

None of those problems appear in The Catholic Podcast. Chloe and Joe know what they want to say and are saying it with confidence, clarity, and they’re a delight to listen to.

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3) You can trust the source 

When I asked Chloe why they wanted to add yet another Catholic-based podcast to the lineup of the already numerous ones available, she said this: “We wanted to create a podcast that was an invitation into a genuine friendship with Christ, but also one in which both Catholics are involved in their faith in a professional way.”

Both Chloe and Joe work for the Church and have a wealth of experience creating content for the Church, with other podcasts and numerous blogs and writings. They are also both deeply devoted to their faith and want to create something beautiful and inviting for those hoping to grow in their love of Jesus.

Essentially, The Catholic Podcast is their gift back to those journeying to meet Jesus, so we can trust that this is a great resource to turn to and a wonderfully researched and well thought out presentation of material for those looking to deepen their faith.

The Catholic Podcast is available on their website and wherever you get your podcasts.