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Catholic Answers is getting a TV show!

April 22 on 10pm tune in to EWTN for Catholic Answers new tv show, “The Best of Catholic Answers Live”!!

The pilot episode has been in the works for a year and after a few tweaks from EWTN, and they mercifully aren’t making us wait even a full week before the first broadcast.

Jon Sorensen of Catholic Answers who had this to say about the program:

“Our on-staff apologists and regular guests are approachable. They sound like people you can sit and have a beer with. We believe this will translate well into television. The great people at EWTN have always been very supportive of Catholic Answers. We are really excited for the opportunity to be a part of their television lineup.”

Different from their live-feed of the radio show, the pilot episode was in works for a year with new equipment in the studio bringing Catholic Answers a whole new dynamic in their ministry reaching tv viewers and channel surfers. EWTN’s website can be accessed as it airs by clicking here.

Learn more about the show, the production and airing times by clicking here.

Congratulations Catholic Answers and EWTN on this new endeavor!