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Celebrate the Canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta: 15 Perfect Catholic Gift Ideas


1. A cute St. Teresa peg doll



2. This awesome t-shirt

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.13.20 PM


3. Mother Teresa of Calcutta medals



4. This sweet St. Teresa plush doll



5. An excellent children’s book from Magnificat-Ignatius



6. And get THIS one from Magnificat-Ignatius, too


7. These smart little stuffed plush dolls



8. The collection of her private writings



9. A mug with her inspiring words of wisdom



10. A statuette and prayer card



11. A perfect little Sari for young ones


All Saints day is coming! What little girl wouldn’t love to dress up as Saint Mother Teresa in her traditional Sari with three blue bands symbolizing the trinity and the virgin Mary? Click here!


12. A wall decal with her words

mt wall decal

I need this.


12. The Letters: The Untold Story of Mother Teresa

mt movie

Rave reviews have me excited to watch this when it comes in! Rent or purchase your copy here


13. Shining Light Doll

MT Shining light doll

My kids LOVE these dolls almost as much as I do! Lightweight, simple, and beautiful, and maybe best of all, safe even for toddler and infants to love on. They are in stock now, get yours while you can!



14. “Tiny Saints”¬†keychain, zipper pull…

mt tiny saint

Keychain, zipper pull, backpack tag, there are a thousand ways this Tiny Saint can be used to remind us through the day as we see her of our mission to serve those around us everyday. Order yours Here.


15. Ink


Temporary Tattoos! Sign me up!