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Celebrating our Feminine Genius with Worthy of Wearing

Fashion, make up, signature look, budget, self worth, beauty, body image, closet edit, skincare, healing, dignity and even . . . gulp . . . the dreaded “M” word . . . modesty! This new book gets right into the thick of all things fashion and the Catholic feminine heart at the same time.

Not sure what to expect, I cracked open the book with a guarded heart and high hopes that it wouldn’t be another book preaching that women should all but ignore their appearance but also somehow look flawless while doing so. Worthy of Wearing, is everything I hoped it would be. It was fun. It was thoughtful. It went far deeper into a Catholic woman’s soul than I expected it, too. Nicole Caruso, the author, opens up with her own personal journey and paves the way with other stories from various perspectives for us to identify with and follow suit. She doesn’t just invite, though: she asks us to examine ourselves and do the work so we can walk in the same joy and freedom.

The hardcover feel and pages are high quality, and the pictures contained in the book are stunning. In fact, Nicole made a video of their photoshoot! Enjoy it below!

Three main topics covered in this book are:

1. Why we are “Worthy of Wearing”

2. Personal style in a Catholic context

3. How to curate a worthy wardrobe

Celebrating our vocations, unique style, as well as the practical needs of fashion in the lives we are living now, Nicole offers advice, solutions, and examples to better express that unique style all while staying in a budget.

Gone are the days of standing in front of the closet without anything to wear that makes you feel valued, suits your body type, or will make the first or lasting impression you wish for without distracting from who you are as a person. You are a daughter of God with a soul and a style, and you are Worthy of Wearing.

This book was fun, freeing, and motivating, and one I will be keeping on my bookshelf to reference and reread over and over. Now that I’m motivated and excited, I’m off to edit my own closet!!