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Coffee So Good, it’s Heavenly—

Morning person or not, a good cup of coffee can make the morning better. Even more so if it also inspires you to live your faith well! Light some candles, push play on some Gregorian chant and enjoy a beautiful mug of coffee—sounds like a heavenly way to begin a day!

Catholic Coffee to the rescue! How could you not be inspired by their line up of full colored saint images on these amazing roasts? Each bag comes packaged beautifully with facts about Catholics and coffee (did you know that people used to think coffee was evil and the pope had to weigh in?!), and a prayer card featuring the saint on the roast you have purchased. For Christmas my husband got a travel mug featuring his confirmation saint and this sacred heart coffee bean is easily my favorite new mug. I mean, how cute and fun is that?

Their Instagram is full of beautiful posts and recipes for seasonal coffees or something a little more than just sugar and cream. The Saint Nicholas and the Our Lady of Guadalupe were perfect for the Christmas season with the chocolate and chestnut notes and fun drinks that were inspired by them! I’m so excited for the St. Patrick which has the Irish Cream notes for March and celebrating with eight feast days based on the coffees in their current line up. Easy button for liturgical living. Saint Joseph sleeping for the image on the decaf coffee makes me crack up every time I see it!

With gift cards and gift packages available, this would make a perfect epiphany gift as we all come down from the celebrating that’s been going on the last 12 days and we gear back into regular life. Click here now to order yours now. Don’t forget to sign up with your email to get a first time order discount code!

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