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Get this Book for Your Children (Godchilden) Soon!

What could be more important than teaching our children and Godchildren to recognize God’s signs of love and presence throughout all the aspects of their lives? God is Calling: Seeing His Signs in Your Life, does just this in a beautiful story fashion.

Following the story of a Franciscan friar who is asked two simple questions by a child touring a church with him, “Why was this church built?” and “Did God leave signs in your life too?” We learn about the friars life and all the ways he recognized God’s calling and signs of God’s presence in seven different ways.

By . . .

. . . The example of the saints

. . . The religious brothers and sisters around him

. . . His creation

. . . The Bible

. . . Providence

. . . His vocation

. . . Prayer

This is a beautiful book which will promote seeking God in your vocation as well as a growing relationship with God in practical and supernatural ways.

I’ve got five small children (and one more little blessing on the way) that are navigating their lives, too. In between the business of the day, we take time to be intentional in the little ways to highlight their consideration of their future vocation and what God ultimately wants for them.

What I like most about this book is the tone. It isn’t suggesting at all that every kid who reads the book should become a religious, but it makes the pitch for mindfulness of what will really make a person happy in life. As the book’s message is unfolded—the thoughtful considerations of a man who became a Franciscan friar—it also doesn’t do any harm to children being open to other vocations, either, such as the married life nor the single life. Ultimately it’s that balance that produces well-rounded Catholic children, mindful of all of the vocations God is calling us to.

With the heart of a mom who deeply desires nothing more than her kid’s becoming disciples of Jesus and to live happy, healthy lives, I wholeheartedly recommend this book Get your copy of God is Calling: Seeing His Signs in Your Life for your children and Godchildren today!