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Kid-Friendly Catholic Podcasts

Does the school drop off, pick up, and extra curricular have you in the car a lot? Wish you could be doing more to grow your kids’ faith but have a hard time fitting it in? Check out these Catholic Podcasts and make the most of both!

The Liturgy of the Hours

With a mixture of English, Latin and chanting, set the mood in the morning with singing the Liturgy of the Hours. With family life being busy and seasons changing as families grow, sometimes the hours are something we are grateful to the religious faithfully saying them on our behalf daily. Sometimes we have the time, energy and space to do them ourselves. Sometimes, we can turn on a podcast and be grateful for it to be an active role in our home even if we don’t understand why there are so many bookmarks… er…. ribbons, and that they change daily.

The Bible in a Year

How cool would it be for all of your kids to have heard the ENTIRE Bible in one year? Well here you go! Short enough to catch up with life happens and you skip a day, this is easily one of my kids favorites.

Catechism in a Year

Got the Bible covered? AWESOME. Now let’s hit up the Catechism!

Pray More Novenas

A great way to have novenas appear on your phone the day that they begin and take you all the way through! This has been a game changer for praying novenas faithfully.

Saint Stories for Kids

Hands down, my kids favorite podcast. The stories are humorous and they are continually adding more and more. This is the ultimate feast day/learning about the saints podcast. It helps that Mom and Dad love it too.

We Wonder Podcast

“Inviting children into a life of wonder, engagement, and curiosity about the Bible. Children’s spiritual lives are real and vibrant: they are known and loved by God as they are right now, not just as grownups in training! That’s why, on this podcast, we allow children the space to enter God’s good words together, wonder about them, and talk with God about what we find.”

I wish this podcast had more content. It’s so good!

Catholic Classics for Kids

Just four episodes, but such a great idea! Read aloud of public domaine classics that are child friendly. Unfortunately there isn’t a website. Just gonna have to search it on your favorite podcast app.

Catholic Sprouts Podcast

With over 1300 episodes, this is the content you want when you are ready to binge. Catholic feast days, morality, catholic theology, saints, sacraments, conversation starters and more. Enjoy!

Catholic Sunday Stories for Kids

Dive into the readings from Mass with this podcast. Only a few episodes so far, but we are hoping more come in the coming school year.

Catholic Kids Trivia Podcast

Catholic Kids Podcast does not have a website I could find, but they are 90+ episodes in with just one year that they have been around!

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