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Lenten Brother Francis for Kids on FORMED

Brother Francis has some great Lenten content for kids on FORMED this year! Especially during lent, we take a break from much of the typical screen time we partake and instead read and watch things for our spiritual edification.

Brother Francis is a favorite all year long, so when I told the kids there was new content on Formed this year they were so excited! We have enjoyed the Stations of the Cross and will continue playing that this year especially for the smaller kids who have a hard time sitting through more mature books. But this year with “story time” we are excited to expand our typical saint stories and stations of the cross repeat list.

Helping even the smallest kids own the Lenten season is something we strive for with many hands on activities, taking down decorations and setting up simple reminders through the house and all the picture books we can find, this is just one more fantastic tool we have to add to making our sure our kids really get what Lent is all about instead of just doing this because it’s what mom and dad are doing.

For a free trial of FORMED, head over to their website by clicking here, and sign up! There is content for everyone in the form of all media. TV shows, episodes of past Lenten studies, new reflections, book studies, audiobooks, music videos and more! Check it out and enjoy it with the whole family!

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