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Little Sisters of the Poor Celebrate Victory in 6-Year Battle Against HHS Mandate

Washington D.C. — With November 2nd came the final ruling of the HHS mandate for the Little Sisters of the Poor. In January of 2012 the Obama Administration decided that it was “basic healthcare” to provide contraceptive methods and sterilization to anyone with insurance at the expense of the employer. The clear moral implications of paying for contraception was a battle that faithful Catholics, religious organizations, and the pro-life community immediately jumped to sue the Government to change.

Since November 2nd, the mandate states that companies which have strong moral or religious objections are exempt from providing contraceptive care to those under their insurance.

This is a huge victory for Catholics and religious freedom, and a small step towards better healthcare for women. The law does not prevent third party insurances from providing contraception, but no longer are those with moral or religious objections required to provide contraception themselves.

On November 9th, the USCCB released a statement of their acceptance of the broad exemptions in the mandate.

“The regulations allow people like the Little Sisters of the Poor, faith-based schools, and others to live out their faith in daily life and to continue to serve others, without fear of punishing fines from the federal government.”

President Trump promised relief from the mandate to the Little Sisters of the Poor at the White House on 4 May 2018, and this month his administration followed through on this promise.