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Magnificat Kids Does it Again—Add These Titles to Your Kids’ Library Immediately

What’s better than receiving a box of children’s books before a family road trip? They’re going to keep a kid’s attention on the road and they’re going to be filled with wholesome and holy knowledge!

I have always been impressed the clean and beautiful design of kids books by Magnificat Kids. The kids read them on constant rotation, both as a read-aloud and on their own during our daily reading time.

I recently got three great books for my four children (ages 1-7). Mozart, Gift of God tells the story of Mozart, one of the most wonderful artists of classical music, and of how his faith impacted his work to glorify God. The other two books were Jesus Invites Me to Mass, andStories of the Blessed Sacrament.

Mozart, Gift of God drew all four of my kids as this one was clearly different. Featuring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a world-famous composer and musician, for the first time. We soaked up the stories from the life of Mozart, about his family life, his relationship with his older sister, how he began imitating other musicians at the age of three and was composing at five.

It was especially fun to read about his travels and performances as we are currently traveling Europe and they recognized some of the places such as Verona and Rome.

The inspiration and role Mozart’s Roman Catholic Faith and the faith of his family, celebrating feast days and giving God the glory for the music, is a beautiful addition to the book. It is already a treasured book in our collection. This title is recommend for children ages seven and up, but my toddlers also loved to listen as I read.

Jesus Invites Me To Mass is recommended for ages three and up, and I think that’s just about right, as my three year old has been carrying it with him for days. He has just hit the developmental milestone of talking non-stop (lucky me) and this book has been a great way to build his vocabulary and help him participate more in Mass. If he’s going to talk all the time, might as well learn some new words, too. Am I right?

Explaining in bright colors and a reverent tone, with glossy “washable” pages, the Mass is explained in a way that helps all of my children learn better what’s happening at Mass from the Sign of the Cross as we enter the church doors, through the Gloria, the readings, and ending with leaving the church. Look at this beautiful art:

Emphasis is placed on the responses throughout this book through entire Mass— young kids need that! Great for older kids as well—it’s a sticking point that must be clarified from time to time as they get older! Come to think of it, I recommend this book for any family who is converting and wants to learn more about the Mass with their children (then of course, dive deeper from there).

Stories of the Blessed Sacrament might be my five year old’s favorite. He absolutely adores the stories about the sacrifices people have made for the Eucharist. That’s the sort of thing that raises strong, intentional Catholic children.

Twelve stories about the Eucharist, starting with mana from heaven in the Old Testament, the multiplication of the fish and loaves, the Last Supper, and then on to miracles which introduce brave and heroic saints to our children in a way which highlights the importance of the Eucharist in our lives.

Every time Magnificat Kids makes a new book, I absolutely have to have it. My kids adore them, and I know they’re learning—at their level—critical truths about their faith and the Church’s teachings. Buy these titles today! Mozart, Gift of God, Jesus Invites Me to Mass, andStories of the Blessed Sacrament.