Man, Oh Man, Catechism in a Year Podcast is Right Around the Corner!


The Bible in a Year Podcast was a huge hit. Topping the podcasting charts in shocking ways its first year. The second year of the podcast, they announced a new Spanish release of the podcast and that the podcast would remain so people could continue listening as well as start over again. Many wondered what, if anything, Ascension Press would come up with for its third year, and they did not disappoint!

Catechism in a Year Podcast is on its way! Man, oh man, am I excited about this, to borrow what has become a catch-phrase of sorts from Father Mike Schmitz. How many people have never picked up the Catechism of the Catholic Church who will listen in? So many of my family and friends who have never read the Bible, other who are Protestant, and even those with no belief in God have been tuning into The Bible in a Year. How many will also listen in to learn about what the Catholic Church believes? How many Catholics will get some good Catechesis for the first time since CCD, or the first time ever?! This is an incredible opportunity!

Ascension has announced that they will be releasing a new publication of the second edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church so you can follow along with the podcast or go back to reference or make notes. Preorder begins this fall (2022) and I’m looking forward to adding one to our family library. It looks beautiful! If it is anything like the Great Adventure Catholic Bible, it will be phenomenal!

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