Mother Angelica's Response to a Prank Call Will Blow You Away

Mother Angelica’s Response to a Prank Call Will Blow You Away

This week I answered a “caller unknown” call. To my shock, it was Justin Bieber!! Oddly english was his second language and in the background his friends were giggling. I played along as it was clearly an innocent kid prank and asked the Bieb’s to sing his favorite song. After an awkward attempt with much more giggling from his friends, I ended the call.

Humor is an easy way to handle many situations, and thankfully this prank was innocent. But after the call ended, I realized I didn’t have a go-to plan for if someone with a more ugly message had been on the other side of the phone instead of the Bieb’s and his giggling friends.

As always, Mother Angelica has an answer – truth in love with grace. Take a look at how she reacted when someone prank called her radio show.