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New Catholic Podcast Informs Faith and Life

Catholic podcasts run the gamut of fun to informative. They cover topics from women’s issues to social justice to pop culture to instruction in the faith and everywhere in between. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start! If you’re looking around thinking, “I’d love to listen to delve deeper into the faith” or “I want to listen to a Catholic podcast but I just don’t know where to start”, there’s a podcast just for you.

In The Catholic Podcast, co-hosts Chloe Langr and Joe Heschmeyer deliver an informative, faith-filled podcast. It’s accessible both to people who’d like to learn more about the faith but don’t know where to start and also to those who know the faith but want to dive deeper.

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Chloe and Joe deliver research and faith-based discussions on such topics as the faith at large, the state of the Church in America. There’s also Lenten reflections on different characters from the Passion.

Their knowledge and love for their topics is evident and they offer connections that make you reflect on your own life and how to be a better Catholic and person in your daily life.

Think the name of their podcast sounds a little generic? There’s a reason for that. Joe wrote, “…we want to become one of the places that people turn who are just beginning to explore Catholicism… There are a lot of ugly distortions of Catholicism, and we want to offer them something better, truer, and more beautiful. Namely, we want to help people see the beauty of friendship with Jesus Christ, and the good of intentional friendships that lead others to Christ.” Chloe and Joe deliver on this beautifully!

Whether you’re new to the faith and want to learn more or have been here for a while and are ready to go deeper, The Catholic Podcast offers something for everyone. Check out their website to learn more and find ways to listen!

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