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Pray and Think Imaginative Rosary Book, Review

Our six year old has taken a personal interest in saying the rosary since his godparents gifted him this beautiful book, Pray and Think Imaginative Rosary. While we were with them they included us into their family rosary after dinner. We’ve been doing a family rosary for quite some time now, but it really made an impression for him to see another family praying it together. They are everything you’d hope for in godparents, encouraging his prayer life in tangible ways at such a young age!

This book starts with an illustrated explanation in easy to understand terms for anyone to learn. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it, I learned a lot about my Catholic faith through well written Catholic Children’s Books. This book might have saved me some embarrassment during those early conversion days during group rosaries where I thought for sure I knew what I was doing and it turned out that I did not! Oops!

There is an introduction page for each of the mysteries (as well as a key to tell you what days each is traditionally reflected upon and they are color coded for fast and easy flipping). For independent readers, they can recite a rosary on their own with this book. For any child (or adult!), reading or not, the visual tool of having these images is going to make the impact we can otherwise only hope they are picking up as the repetition of the gospel words washes over them.

Inside each mystery is a picture with specific points to ponder and discuss.

The ending prayers are at the back of the mystery pages and help you to finish well instead of wonder about these longer prayers that are often left out of the rosary books and pamphlets for whatever reason.

I have loved how this book has made an impact on our son and all the kids. Consider adding this beautiful and meaningful book into your library for the children (and children of newer converts) in your life. You can follow this link to order your copy today!