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Spiritual Reading for Your Lent

Looking for a spiritual reading for Lent? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

First things first, bundle up and head to your nearest Catholic bookstore. No better way to support our local Catholic companies than to browse their lovely shelves. Even better if they have a table set up for lent featuring their favorite Lenten books this year!

If you don’t have a bookstore local, or you’ve already read those titles, check out this list of great books!

First of all, for the kitchen and for your spiritual journey to learn about fasting and dive deeper into the subject as well as improve your lenten cooking beyond mac ‘n cheese or cheese pizza, check out the Lenten Cookbook. For more on this book, check out this post featuring the books. It’s everything I always wanted in a cookbook for Lent and it’s the perfect touch to display and remind you what season it is when you are tempted to head to the kitchen for a snack.

How about a daily devotional as we journey towards the cross together? Making a Holy Lent is just the book for the occasion, making sure we set aside this time for the focus it is supposed to be, these short but deep reflections will get you meditating as the days go forward.

Have the last two years just felt like one long continual Lent? Yeah, I get that. I need a little more of the repentance and cleaning but with some hope infused. A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery is a great book that shows how the sorrow makes way for the deepest joy we can have.

Do you really want to dive deep into Holy Week and need more than one book to fill your reading time? The Last Hours of Jesus and the Holy Thursday Set are right up your alley.

The Way of the Cross by Archbishop Georg Gänswein—former prefect of the Papal Household and servant to three popes—is one of our favorites. In fact we have purchased it and given away our personal copy many times over. It goes over the passion and stations of the cross so beautifully and with thought provoking art. One of the must buys for our Friday reflections on the journey Jesus took to the cross for our redemption.

Have a blessed Lent and may your spiritual journey through this Holy time in the liturgical year truly provide some pruning and growth in deep and beautiful ways.

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