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The Daughter’s of Saint Paul take on Social Media and the BBC

#nuntok is the featured hashtag recently brought to light in a new media form when BBC recently visited the Boston House of the Daughters of Saint Paul for an interview.

The Daughters of Saint Paul have a tiktok account and many of the individual nuns have their own accounts—not only on tiktok, but also on Twitter, Tacebook, Instagram, and more. Watch this delightful video to learn more about why having a presence on social media matters. And use #medianuns #nuntok to find the Daughters of St. Paul bringing salt and light to the new media.

I might have fallen down a rabbit hole trying to see if I could spot my personal favorite nun in the order. So far I haven’t found her, but it’s only a matter of time, right Sister Margaret?!

Or click here to watch the interview in full.

While you are at it, you can support the Daughters of Saint Paul and Pauline Books and Media by heading to your local bookstore and interact with some of the Sisters in person, or if online shopping is your thing, their website is: