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The Holy Mass Lego Book is Here!

I’m so excited for how this book is going to make the Mass come alive to my kids in a new way! As many kids are, mine have a deep love of building with these bricks. They are so creative, and while it’s a little frustrating to find them all through the house, a stepped on lego or two is worth it, most of the time. So to find a book that makes their faith and why we do what we do come alive through a medium they already love! I’m so excited for them to unwrap, The Holy Mass: On Earth As It Is in Heaven!

The book is more than a by-the-gospel walkthrough but hits a variety of topics and issues little ones are dealing with at one point or another.

First off, I like to check the contents to see what subjects my kids are going to be encountering. While I trust this publisher, it helps me to know what to ask questions about or where my kids might be coming from when they want to talk about it. This table of contents is packed full! The pages don’t photograph well due to the print on the page, but they look great in person.

As was the case with the Catechism Lego book, we find ourselves following a storyline to which kids can easily relate. In that story, the characters attend a Mass and have it explained to them, not just as what is happening, but the history and the meaning behind it all. Deep dives into biblical passages, stories of saints, theology, battles we know happened between the angels and Satan, prayers, responses — it’s all here!

Here’s an example of one of the character’s who is explained based on an explanation of what’s happening in the Mass. St. Justin Martyr, pray for us!

An in depth look at the meaning of the Eucharist is a must when explaining the Mass. Look at the details in these pictures all built from these little bricks.

Not only are prayers explained, but they are outright quoted on pages that are incredibly attractive to a young persons heart. So many emotions come through this picture of St. Michael, the Archangel.

This book is sure to be a huge hit for all ages of kids from those who are early readers just looking at pictures to those who are advanced readers. Anyone who enjoys legos of any age is going to love this picture book. I cannot imagine the hours and hours that building and writing, and photographing this book took, but I am so very grateful for those amazing tool to bring my kids passions together to bring the faith alive. Get a copy of The Holy Mass: On Earth As It Is in Heaven! now.