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The Wise Men Who Found Christmas, Review

I love a great Christmas story (or pious legend) that is told in a unique way that brings new depth and color to the story we’ve heard year after year. This year Sophia Institute Press has released another great story with gorgeous illustrations in vivid colors that is sure to delight all who read it with, The Wise Men Who Found Christmas.

The Wise Men Who Found Christmas follows the story of the three wise men as they face their own scepticicsm, adventure, riding at night to follow a star, finding a baby and coming across a murderous king.

Can you imagine trying to convince others to join your journey and they actually do?

I cannot get over the illustrations. Look how beautiful this scene is, and I love that Jesus and Mary look middle eastern. It is a tradition that Mary often appears to people as they would dress and what they would look like, but this is how Jesus and Mary would have looked to the sheherds and wisemen who visisted and worshiped Jesus as a baby.

We can’t forget that God can be trusted to lead us even as we sleep, having angels come to Joseph and the Kings to protect Jesus not just once but twice from the murdurous King Herrod. This is a great lesson for kids who are afraid at bedtime for various reasons as well as for us adults who struggle with trust in our weaknesses and physical needs.

The twist at the end is delightful and will further cause the story to stick with your kids as they discover the entire story was told by the horse of the three wisemen!

Whether you want to give this book as a St. Nicholas Day gift, a Christmas gift or an Epiphany gift, it is sure to delight the children in your world. Don’t forget to think of those godchildren too! Click here to order your copy today!