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This Holy Week Movie Will Capture Your kids Imagination (and Attention)

The Miracle Maker is a claymation movie that captures key stories of Christ’s ministry. Our kids especially reach for it every Holy Week as it really does an amazing job not skipping over the hard things.

From Jesus’s baptism, many many miracles, Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, his relationship with the people around him who loved him so: everything is covered. And then we go into the betrayal and Judas’s sorrow, the garden, the trials, the crucifixion. And with the scope of this incredibly dramatic backdrop, Easter Sunday looks beautiful and colorful while the dark coloring of the betrayal, garden, tempting and crucifixion make an even bigger impact. Ending on Jesus’s accession to heaven, you and your kids, godchildren, neices and nephews—really most people it will capture your imaginations as we contemplate just how important each day of Holy Week is.

And let me tell you, as a mother of 5 kids: good Christian/Catholic movies that hold the kids’ attention is not easy to find. But this one does is, and compellingly.

Check out the following trailer:

Want a hard copy, Amazon has it both for streaming services and DVD! Get your copy by clicking here! Get it quick for this year, or for future years. We’ve used ours for about 5 years, now, and it’s still a family favorite.