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This is the Ultimate Guide for Altar Servers and Other Ceremonies

Have you ever wanted to serve in the church but want to know more about the position before you jump in? What exactly are the responsibilities that Alter Servers, solutes, sacristans, and master of ceremonies? Did you even know all those positions exist? Now that you do, what do they do?! Well, you are in luck! Ceremonies Explained for Servers by Bishop Peter J. Elliott is the resource you’ve been patiently awaintg.

His excellency, Austrailian Bishop Peter J. Elliott, wrote this book with the hopes of aiding the Church in “recovering a sense of the sacred.” In his book, readers find far more than just an explanation of what servers do. Discover the the Mass, sacramental ceremonies, and duties written in an inviting explanation as well as formation for you as an individual. Check out this massive table of contents:

Former auxiliary bishop of Melbourne and consulter to the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, Bishop Elliott shares his passion for serving from a heart of worship, reverence, and excellence with us in the pages of this volume. Just reading the table of contents for this book I found myself learning and excited to learn more!

In fact, there are so many pages in the Table of contents, that I accidentally missed a page when I originally took pictures of it. (Here’s the missing page I just now took, sorry for the poor lighting, but it can’t be missed!)

Get this book for all the servers in your life, for the parents and families of those servers, and anyone wanting to know more about vocations and the Church as a whole.

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