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This New Missalette Is Changing the Way Kids Go to Mass

Sometimes children have a hard time sitting still, paying attention, and really taking anything in during the Mass. At least, that’s the case for most, and this is very natural! Part of our job as parents is to help them connect, learn, and grow in the Faith, even at Mass when it’s hard. Well, we’re all in luck. There’s a cool new tool to help parents and children do just that.

The Children’s Missalette from My Catholic Kids is a fun, easy resource that invites kids to stay active in the Mass while really understanding what’s going on. It’s small, compact, easy to toss into a diaper bag or purse, and easy to pull out and instruct kids how to use.

With a subscription, a new missalette is sent each week, tailored specifically to that week’s liturgy. The missalette is made of a simple thin cardstock and opens to just one page (like a birthday card). Inside is a page with little windows to open at specific times during the Mass and, when all are opened, reveal a picture that relates to the Mass, feast day, or holiday that weekend. Bonus: you can take the story card out and save it! On the back of the missalette is a picture instructional to show kids when to open each window. This gets kids to recognize and pay attention to different parts of the Mass and keeps parents involved when the kids ask when such and such moment happens.

Included in a subscription are two weekly videos, sent to you a few days before Mass. One of these videos is the “Mass Muscles” series which walks kids through the missalette and briefly explains each of the ten Mass parts featured on that week’s missalette. This is a great video to show the kids right before you leave for mass, getting the kids excited and setting an expectation for what is to come.

The second weekly video is the “Diving Into Mass” video. This video teaches children about the Mass itself and highlights a different aspect of the Mass (a Mass part, item found in the church, etc.) each week. This helps children gradually learn about the sacrifice of the Mass and helps them dive further into the Mass and the Faith. Ain’t no party like a Jesus party, amiright?

All of these videos will be archived into a continually growing library resource on the Mass that subscribers will always have access to. Being able to watch these videos again and again will certainly reinforce the primacy and sheer awesomeness of the Mass!

The Children’s Missalette will launch on September 9th. Through the end of September, there are some special launch deals to help you get this new resource for less.

If you set up a monthly subscription between Sept. 9-30, you’ll pay $16/month for the duration of your subscription ($4 off the regular monthly price), plus receive Unus Deus stickers for free (a $7 value). If you set up a yearly subscription, you’ll pay just $192 for the year and receive a free copy of the Unus Deus card game, book, and stickers AND free shipping (a $36 value)! Also during the launch, you can pick up a deck of Unus Deus for just $20, which is $10 off the regular price.

Helping our kids grow in the Faith and be active participants in the liturgy can be daunting and exhausting and sometimes feel like wasted effort. With the Children’s Missalette, life and faith get a little bit easier and more fun, too. Check out My Catholic Kids to find even more resources for the littlest Catholics.