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When Jesus Speaks: Don’t Miss This Powerful Picture Book!

The Bible is full of stories of God the Father and Jesus Christ simply speaking a miracle into existence. Sometimes the miracle just happened. Sometimes it was an act of obedience on behalf of something we didn’t know had the ability to obey anything (like nature or wild animals!). Well, Sophia Institute Press has just released an amazing children’s picture book to help you as you place wonder of our powerful God in their hearts and minds in a beautiful way, When Jesus Speaks.

The words are simple so even a beginning reader can pick up this book on their own.

One of the things my oldest pointed out is that all the stories from the Bible have the references so he could go and read the stories in totality right from the source.

Look at these gorgeous illustrations that draw you into the story, captivated by the light that is always pointing at the power of Jesus

He heals the blind, the deaf, and the sick. Casts out evil spirts, cleans the leper, raises the dead, even the wind and the waves obey Him!

Then comes my favorite part, He tells bread and wine to become His body and blood… and it does!

He told His disciples to continue doing it… and they did!

They do still today!!!

Your kids will come away knowing so much more about the power of God, have pictures to go back to over and over again. But those last pages, they make me weep! Wow!! How powerful to end on that note which ties into the mass that they are learning to participate through every Sunday, and now they have the stories to make it reach their hearts and minds in a whole new way.

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