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Why Should I Give Alms?

Why? Because . . . tradition?

That’s not quite enough, right? Let’s jump into it a little deeper and see what Father Mike has to say. In this video he brings up “4 Reasons Catholics Must Give Alms this Lent.” So what are Father Mike’s reasons? Not happiness, even though he starts out talking about the phenomenon of how if we spend on ourselves we just continue wanting more, while spending on others oddly does give happiness to the spender. So if not happiness, what are the reasons we should be the best, most thoughtful givers we possibly can be? Spoiler alert, but here they are:

  1. Because Jesus Asks Us To, Obedience
  2. Human Dignity, Other People Matter
  3. Gratitude, Not Guilt
  4. Jesus’ Example, We Are Called to Be Like Jesus

This video goes into each of these four reasons and why it is important in many ways to give. Enjoy giving, not just out of our surplus but in the big ways we have to give and serve. Gotta love that thumbnail face on the video below.