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Top 20 epicPew Posts of ALL TIME!

We recently discovered that epicPew is one post away from 1,000 posts! So, before we continue sharing the amazing content we normally post. I was assigned by epicPew founder and editor Shaun McAfee to compile our top twenty posts (based on most views).


20. These +100 Catholic Pilgrimage Sites in the U.S. are Completely Out of This World – Shaun McAfee


19. 10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Catholic With Mental Illness – Brooke Gregory


18. 11 Amazing Catholic Scientists You Should Know  – Shaun McAfee


17. Hilarious Catholic Jokes Everyone Should Memorize – Matt Vander Vennet


16. Things You Should Never Say to a Catholic Bookstore Employee – Brooke Gregory


15. 8 Astonishing Facts about the Sacred Heart You Never Knew – Chloe Mooradian


14. 17 Singers and Songwriters You Didn’t Know Are Catholic – Shaun McAfee


13. 10 Facts Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know – Abby Johnson


12. 10 Facts about Angels That Will Blow Your Mind – Alex R. Hey


11. 11 Things That Happen to Parents Who Bring Their Kids to Mass – Rich Lamm


10. Latin Words or Phrases Every Catholic Should Know – Matt Vander Vennet


9b. 15 Reasons to Never Attend Franciscan University of Steubenville  – Shaun McAfee


9a. Home


8. 26 Reasons You Should Leave the Catholic Church Immediately  – Tracy Bua Smith


7. 10 More Things You Might Be Doing Wrong at Mass – David Rummelhoff


6b. 25 Pictures That Prove Orthodox Priests Will Bless ANYTHING – Shaun McAfee


6a. Archives


5. 13 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Priest – Shaun McAfee


4. Usain Bolt, His Catholic Faith, and His Miraculous Medal – Justin McClain


3. 10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong at Mass – David Rummelhoff


2. This Priest and His Muslim Friend Might Be the Best Commercial of the Holidays – Jessica McAfee

And the #1 post of the first 1,000 EpicPew posts is…..

Drum roll, please….



1. 21 Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross – Epic Guest


What has been your favorite post of the first 1,000? Share in the comments below!